Enduro21 takes a quick look at Mobius Braces’ latest generation wrist support for off-road riding, the X8 Wrist Brace.

Suppliers of protective systems to the stars of world enduro, including EnduroGP World Champion Andrea Verona, Mobius Braces have seen some high profile users of their X8 Wrist Brace in recent years. Ken Roczen might be the highest profile of those, racing SuperCross and Motocross with the Mobius products since his near career ending injuries.

Wrist injuries are common for dirt bike riders and the K8 Wrist Brace is specifically designed to helpkeep  those with damaged or long-term problems riding. More than that, just like their knee braces, they can simply be a support system to prevent injury, especially for those with weak joints.

The X8 Wrist Brace incorporates the CCRS (Continuous Cable Routing System), Mobius’ patent pending technology, which provides full support across the wrist joint, allows more mobility and progressively resists hyperextension while helping minimise the risk of injury to the ligaments and bones.

The X8 design “dynamically” changes the tension in the cable throughout the wrist’s full range of motion preventing excessive bending (lateral and medial) as well as hyperextension.

The tension adjustment dial allows you to set a desired support level easily through 0 to 70 degrees with a simple adjustment screw.

The whole support weighs 113gms or 4oz and comes in two colours, grey shown and white.

Price: $219.95/£219.98/€219


More information: www.mobiusbraces.com