Take a close look for the looks alone of Kirian Mirabet’s perfectly prepared 2024 Honda Africa Twin, the Spanish adventure bike video creator (and enduro rider let’s not forget).

Kirian Mirabet sure can ride a bike pretty damn well but, judging by his 2024 CRF1100L, he can build a pretty sweet-looking one too.

Well-known for his Gymkhana videos, plus a whole heap of online and social media with the Honda Africa Twin adventure bike, Kirian has built-up a reputation and following for his bike skills. 

His latest Africa Twin bike build for this season is inspired by the Honda’s 2024 Dakar Rally-winning ride by Ricky Brabec, aping the factory race bikes so much we had to take a closer look.

Kirian runs us through the thought process behind it and the none-standard parts fitted to his CRF1100L.

Mirabet’s 2024 Honda Africa Twin extra components:

• Outback Motortek engine guards and side protectors

• Mitas XT Trail + Dakar tyres

• Gilles Tooling, footrest mount and gear lever, oil cap, rear axle screws, handlebar clamps and steering damper

• S3 Parts footpegs

• Maxima USA oil 10W40

• JJuan brake lines

• Öhlins fork and shock absorber prepared by Andreani MHS

• Talon wheels with red machined hub and narrow (enduro size) black rim

• Galfer brakes dics and pads

• MIVV full exhaust system

• Sprint Filter air filter

• UniRacing sticker kit

What is the inspiration behind this new design?

Kirian Mirabet: “As you know, in recent years we have been creating content with the Africa Twin and always try to break away from the norm, with an original and more daring design overall.

“After seeing Ricky Brabec win the Dakar, we thought we had to capitalise on that. So we were inspired by the CRF 450 Rally and started working closely with Àlex Guillem from UniRacing to create a truly unique and original design.”

Compare and contrast with the factory bike


“To achieve the right look we basically did two things: The first was to paint several parts black, such as the engine covers, to make the design more in line with the rally bike, and also the triple clamps in red to make it even more similar to the official HRC bike. The second was to vinyl-wrap the parts that we couldn't get in a different colour.

“In the end, we did the back and the tank in black and the sides in red to get a base as close as possible to the Honda bike in Dakar.”


What are you up to now and what’s next for the new bike?

“In a few months, we'll unveil another design to refresh the bike. We always aim to entertain our community of followers, so we understand that the best way to do this in the next design will be to do something crazier and perhaps less racing.

“This is the bike I will use for most of the events this year, while there are others that, due to distance and transport issues, I'll have to do with another bike. Although this is the one we’ll use to create day-to-day content, especially for Europe.

“We’re also preparing a new video, something more original that I can’t say anything about yet, because the surprise is part of the fun... We’re working on it and struggling a bit with all the transport and logistics issues, because the world has changed and everything has become much more expensive. But, depending on where we go, we always maintaining the same philosophy.”

What events have you got planned for 2024

“We always aim to take care of our community, both with entertainment and video tips to help them ride better. And we’ll also be present at the Honda Adventure Road, the Epic Tour, some events with Honda in Italy, and various presentations around the world. We have a lot of work ahead that will be seen on social media, it’s non-stop!”

You’re missed in Enduro, when will you come back?

“It’s something I would love to be able to do again someday but in the end the Africa Twin calendar is what dictates. If I find a gap to race, I’ll do it because I miss it and I keep training to be in top form. If I have time, I think this year maybe we'll see each other in some enduro races.”


Photo Credit: Arnau Puig