Central Powersports Distribution is the new OEM Motorcycle Distribution Center opening in the heart of North America...

Located in Watertown, South Dakota, “CPD” is made up of the same great staff that facilitated the growth of Torrot GasGas in North America up until the acquisition of GasGas by Pierer Mobility AG (KTM). Using their collective experience and knowledge, Central Powersports Distribution will work with small European OEMs and powersports accessories manufacturers to bring their products to the US market.

The staff of Torrot GasGas here in the USA was a crucial part in the resurgence of GasGas from 2016-2018, with revenue sales increasing by over 200% just prior to the financial constraints that affected the parent company in 2019.  Mark Berg, the past COO of Torrot GasGas stated,

“We worked really well as a team for our parent company Torrot GasGas, and we will continue to do so as Central Powersports Distribution moving forward. Everyone here in South Dakota really loves what they do, and we have the experience and the knowledge necessary to help smaller European OEMs expand to reach customers in the United States.”

Central Powersports Distribution (www.cpd.direct) has reached distribution agreements with multiple OEM manufacturers, and we are excited to start building their brands in the US. CPD’s unique approach creates a strong foundation for brands looking to establish themselves in North America. CPD provides multiple noncompeting OEMs with shared facilities, staff, warehouse space, logistics, and distribution opportunities; CPD essentially acts as the “middle-man” between the manufacturer overseas and the dealers and consumers here Stateside.

This creates better stability by covering the entire nation with solid representation for the dealer-network to the end-customer support, all while lowering overhead costs of each brand. CPD Dealers, in turn, can choose to work with as many CPD-represented brands as they wish, depending on their store and market trends.

The unique Central Powersports Distribution business model has already proven to be quite appealing! Here are the OEMs that we are already supporting:


(www.electric-motion.fr/en/): France

French electric trials bike maker Electric Motion has been in the States since 2012 with a few different distributors, but now partnered with CPD, we have been working hard to establish EM as the best-selling electric trials bike on the market. Their new “Epure” and “Escape” models are super fun, and their diverse lineup make it easy for everyone to find a bike perfect for their budget and capabilities. CPD will be actively looking for dealers starting the month of May, with first unit deliveries of the new models sometime in late summer.


 (www.rieju.es/en): Spain

Rieju is a Spanish motorcycle company with over 95 years in the motorcycle business in Europe, and CPD is helping them make their first appearance in the USA. It promises to be an easy entry to the US market, as Rieju purchased the manufacturing rights for the 2019 GasGas enduro platform, so the Spanish will continue production and development of performance enduro racebikes. 2021 production starts in May with motorcycles landing Stateside by late summer.


(www.czem.pro): Czech Republic

This small company out of Czech Republic is developing some very exciting electric trail fun motorcycles including their high-tech “Drill One” motorcycle. The bike is top-notch with the best parts in the business, and some very cool colors match the performance! Czem will be working with Central Powersports Distribution to sell their units online, direct the consumer as well as through dealers.


Funnel Web makes the best air filters on the market, and CPD has pallets arriving in May for US distribution and sales to start immediately.

CPD is also working as a distributor for a few select aftermarket companies due to our large warehouse capacity and existing logistics knowledge.

For more information or inquiries related to Central Powersports Distribution or how to become a dealer, please visit Dealer Inquiry or call Mark at 605-878-1005.  CPD looks forward to working towards the future!