Polisport release their latest replica plastic kits for the 2022 YZ model two-stroke range. 

Owners of the new, 2022 Yamaha YZ two-stroke models – YZ 125/250 – can now replace their plastics (or swap out the OEM parts) with Polisport’s replica kits. All parts have been developed to have the perfect fit and finish, just as you’ll find in the original equipment parts say Polisport.  

The 2022 YZ kits includes:

  • Front Fender
  • Number Plate
  • Radiator Scoops
  • Side Panels
  • Rear Fender
  • Fork Guard

All available in the standard Yamaha blue, white and black. Additionally, Polisport has released the 2022 YZ kit in two special colours: Nardo Grey and the Blue Metal FLOW. Radiator louvers in Blue and Black colour options are also available. 

Polisport’s replica plastic parts are produced using exclusive technologies that combine the highest levels of resistance and flex while maintaining a superior gloss finish and colour. New technologies, combined with decades of experience as OEM suppliers for many of the largest European motorcycle manufacturers, makes us the number one choice for replacement plastics.


For prices in your country, contact your nearest dealer at: www.polisport.com