The VFX series from Shoei has been one of the leading off-road helmets in the market thanks to its innovative design and its safety features. Now after years of research and development Shoei has launched a new helmet, the VFX-WR.

The new helmet inherits the aggressive style that has been typically found in the VFX series but this time it incorporates new tech features that will mark a step forward in the off-road helmet sector.


Multi-ply matrix AIM+ shell: The shell of the new Shoei VFX-WR has been using Shoei’s AIM+ exclusive technology. The mixture of hand-laid interwoven layers of fiberglass with lightweight organics and high-performance fibers gives the shell the optimum rigidity with a very light weight. The light-weight design reduces the burden on the rider’s neck and also helps to maintain their concentration.

EPS impact absorbing system: Apart from maintaining the EPS construction with double density materials and internal channels to provide the best internal cooling for the helmet, the new VFX-WR incorporates the new M.E.D.S. technology which absorbs and reduces rotational energy.

Motion Energy Distribution System (M.E.D.S.): A helmet impact absorption performance is an extremely important factor when it comes to off-road riding in general and motocross racing in particular with the many crashes a rider will take during a race. Shoei utilized varying densities of foam for the impact absorbing liner of VFX-WR to deliver optimal impact absorption performance.


The VFX-WR also introduces SHOEI’s unique and newly developed impact absorption structure, the Motion Energy Distribution System (M.E.D.S.). The M.E.D.S has been developed from the traditional dual liners. Its structure guarantees traditional impact absorption performance in response to linear acceleration and also has the effect of reducing rotational acceleration energy. In the event of an accident, the insert liner swings anchored by a center column during impact. This produces an effect that reduces rotational acceleration energy. The VFX-WR reduces rotational acceleration energy by 15% compared to previous models (Shoei’s in house testing).

Using this new and unique impact absorbing liner structure from SHOEI makes it possible to achieve superior impact absorption performance and a reduction of rotational acceleration without infringing on such other factors as lightness of weight and wearing comfort.

Double-D closure: Easy to manipulate it offers the perfect fit for the rider at any time.



The VFX-WR is equipped with the specially designed V-470 visor/peak. The highest point of the visor which most riders use is designed as the standard position. In the standard position, the visor integrates with the shell’s shape and sets off the aggressive shell design. Of course, as has been the case with previous models you can also adjust the visor angle.

The visor uses a flange mechanism to keep it stable. To explain, the shape of the screw hole in the visor center is designed to be pinched off in the standard position and be hollow on the visor’s back side. This design serves to help it engage with the nut used to keep the screw in place. This makes it easy to put the visor into standard position while also keeping the visor from lowering unintentionally even engaged in the intense action of off-road riding.

An anti-reflecting black matte sticker is included for the interior of the visor.


Size: The VFX-WR has been built in four shell and EPS sizes depending on the products size. This enables the rider to achieve a better functionality and a perfect fit with every helmet size.


Interior pads: The full-bodied urethane pads deliver a comfortable fit while simultaneously providing a good hold that firmly supports your head even during intense riding.
Previous models used moisture-absorbing, quick-drying materials across the entire surface of interior parts. The VFX-WR, however, uses such materials for the cheek and forehead areas where you sweat a lot and uses a soft raised fabric for the portion that goes over the head. Switching to a hybrid material for interior parts reduces the discomfort caused by stickiness from sweat and serves to both making wearing the helmet feel comfortable when riding and allow for the helmet to be put on and taken off more smoothly.

Tight against the rider’s chin, the chinstrap cover is made using a punching process to improve airflow.

Nose protector: The nose protector has a new design which is completely removable to avoid interfering with certain off-road goggles out in the market.  


In off-road riding where you move around a lot and sweat copiously, ventilation is one of the most important features. The VFX-WR goes beyond previous models to add one more air intake and two air outlets. The air that’s been brought in traverses the air channels of the impact absorbing liner, promoting the discharge of the hot air inside the helmet.


Air intake: The air intake positioned on the upper part of the eye port has a scoop shape that efficiently takes in air.

All the intakes are protected with metal mesh to prevent mud and dust from getting in. The air is conducted through the EPS channels achieving a premium ventilation inside the helmet.  

Air outlets: The newly added rear outlet and expanded neck outlet increase the amount of hot air discharged from inside the helmet.

This ventilation system prevents the heat from staying inside the helmet, maintaining a good refrigeration and making the ride more comfortable.

As it happens with the intakes all the outlets are also protected with a metal mesh.

Mouthpiece: The opening around the mouth on the VFX-WR has been enlarged compared to previous products, and correspondingly we also enlarged the mouthpiece. This reduces the difficulties with breathing that can occur when engaged in intense off-road riding.

A mesh filter has been put inside of the mouthpiece to keep out dirt and dust, while an aluminium metal screen on the outside blocks pebbles and other foreign objects. As with previous models the mouthpiece is fixed by one screw, making it easy to remove for maintenance.


The shell structure is totally new. A radical and sportive design with integrated spoilers for an improved aerodynamic and performance.

The interior of the vision field has been redesigned around the new mouthpiece and nose guard to completely integrate them as a unique piece.

Sizes: 4 shell sizes available with 6 sizes going from XS to XXL.

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