Electric off-road focused motorcycle manufacturer Surron has recorded the highest UK registrations for two months in a row – that’s more electric motorcycles registered plus more off-road ‘competition’ including petrol dirt bikes.

Demonstrating the appetite for small capacity equivalent machines is growing globally, UK motorcycle market sales figures released monthly by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) show Surron’s Light Bee and Ultra Bee models recorded more registrations than any other electric motorcycle manufacturer and beat petrol-powered rivals to claim top spot in the ‘Competition’ registration category in August and September.

Based on the Motorcycle Industry Association’s official registration figures for August and September 2023, the Surron Ultra Bee not only led the 11KW category and the overall competition category, but recorded a significantly higher percentage of registrations than every other manufacturer in the Electric top five charts, while Surron as a whole recorded nearly five times more registrations than its nearest manufacturer.

Surron UK commented. “It’s extremely encouraging to see how well our product resonates with the UK market. While there’s a great deal of familiarity with the Light Bee over the last few years, the Ultra Bee was only launched earlier this year, aimed at commuters on a CBT or those looking for a light trail or enduro bike and the reaction has been extraordinary. So much so that the Ultra Bee significantly outsells its rivals, both in electric and when combined with petrol-powered equivalents in the competition category.”

The Ultra Bee is a mid-sized powerhouse that packs state-of-the-art technology and proven performance features into a newly designed platform. Engineered with Surron’s experience gained from the widely popular Light Bee and full-size Storm Bee models, as well as racing accomplishments and developments from the UK and across the globe, the Ultra Bee sets the benchmark for electric off-road performance.

Surron continued, “We’re working hard to bring models to consumers that really do work in every environment. The Ultra Bee is a great example of a machine that can work for CBT holders on the daily commute, as much as it can for trail riders who want to be more responsible out enjoying the countryside. On top of all of this, the performance leads the way too, providing a prompt and ultimately safer experience for the commuter, while being thoroughly entertaining and competent for the off-road rider too.”

The road-legal variants are now eligible for a £500 contribution from the government via the Plug In Grant (PiG) scheme. Thanks to being fully electric, the Ultra Bee is very cost-effective with its 87-mile maximum range and charging in under 4.5 hours, as well as the fact there is no road tax to pay and it has significantly reduced maintenance costs.

It’s not just road tax that the Surron e-bikes are exempt from. With all major UK cities becoming energy-compliant, the Ultra Bee avoids additional charges from factors like congestion charge areas, the now-expanded ultra-low emissions zones (ULEZ) and electric vehicle-only lanes.


More information: www.sur-ron.co.uk