“Everything is ok, we are working” say the 80 strong staff manufacturing Supersprox sprockets in the Ukraine while bombs fall on their city.

Supersprox might be famous for their sprockets fitted to so many off-road bikes around the world including factory race teams competing in EnduroGP, Rally-Raid, MXGP plus so many of us regular riders.

What not everyone realises is those sprockets are the product of 80 staff working in a manufacturing plant in Zhytomyr, not so far west of Kyiv in Ukraine.

Despite everything which is going on in their country right now, the staff in the factory have collectively decided to knuckle down and continue to work.

“Our team come to work, because we know that after the war, industry will help build Ukraine again” they say. While others in the factory add they continue to work because “it helps take our minds off the conflict”.


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