Seat Time announce their new Utility Can Caddy designed to fit over large fuel jugs to stash and carry tools, fluids and spares wherever you’re riding.

The Utility Can Caddy is the culmination of two years hard work and 40-plus years of riding dirt bikes says Brian at Seat Time. Brian gets in touch with Enduro21 all the time with cool content and general, ‘this is what I’ve been doing , hope you might be interested’ kinda messages.

From riding trails to workshop tutorials, he’s basically a guy doing it for real and we like that.

Seat Time is stepping up its game though with an actual product designed and developed from the trails and essentially something which answers a problem many people have: where to put all your stuff when you’re riding.

When we’re away from a truck or van we need fuel but also a range of tools, spares, tapes, sprays and Brian says developing the Utility Can Caddy solved a problem for him as an enduro rider. “After using it for a few months, I realised it helps more than just at races. It keeps me organised for riding days, keeping all my oils, accessories, and extras in one place for a quick grab.”


The Utility Can Caddy slips onto large utility jug-type fuel can (five gallon one pictured), using adjustable straps across the shoulder and underneath to hold in place.

There are three large pockets, 10"w x 12"h x 3.5"d sized tall enough to fit aerosol sized spray cans, allowing for the pocket cover to Velcro tight to keep everything secure when you use the fuel dump to fill your bike.

“I use the pockets for small spare parts and tools, my hydration and nutrition, plus extra goggles and gloves”, says Brian.

A MOLLE stretch panel expands to accommodate different sized objects with webbing sized for PALS specifications with straps to tightly securely.

The Velcro on the PALS straps started out as a fun place to stick patches but it’s also a way to label your row or race number in a pit area or for those events which use a fuel trailer.

The downer here is the Utility Can caddy is only available in North America for now at least.


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