Spotted at the EnduroGP in Portugal on Steve Holcombe’s race-winning feet, the next generation Eleveit X Legend “Evo” boots.

Factory racers and manufacturers can be pretty, damn sneaky when it comes to testing stuff at the races.

Somethings can be blindingly obvious, there for all to see but we get in a whole heap of trouble for photographing and writing about it – witness the TBI two-stroke engines from Austria as exhibit A.

Or sometimes they just keep it quiet, and you need a keen eye to spot the difference – Galfer’s Shark rear enduro brake disc is exhibit A on this account or maybe KTM’s latest frames the EnduroGP boys are running.


Elevit’s next generation boots are exactly like that. At first, we thought Steve Holcombe just had a flash, new pair for the opening GPs of the season. But closer look reveals they are actually a new design and spec.

A bit of poking tells us the new Evo off-road boot will have new colours (white and red, white and black) plus improved internal lateral flex system and a few other small detail changes.

This is the brother to X Legend boot which Enduro21 has had on test for around 12 months now and we highly rate them for lightness, feel and comfort.



Available in dealers from June we understand. More information:


Photo Credit: Future7Media | Andrea Belluschi