Result from the Friday Super Test at the 2022 EnduroGP of Germany in Zschopau where Josep Garcia stormed the show in front of a huge crowd beating Brad Freeman and surprise third place for Milan Schmuser.


GP of Germany Super Test in a nutshell:

  • The EnduroGP World Championship certainly saved its most spectacular Super Test of the year until the last round. These guys build a great SuperEnduro track each season and they put the same work into a half indoor and outdoor track under a giant concrete building as big as an aircraft hanger.
  • It was tight and featured some tough sections in the rocks and a log matrix which kept the crash and show video makers happy. The 1000s in the crowd loved it though.
  • It was a tough call for some of the Women’s class who were first on track tonight. In typical style, Jane Daniels hit things hardest and set the fastest time, seven seconds ahead of Rita Vieira.
  • When the Youth class riders hit the track things got a whole lot more spectacular (as riders got bolder) and Kevin Cristino looked fearless in taking top time in this class. Going head-to-head on track brought out the best in the Fantic teammates with Harry Edmondson second.
  • The Junior class has the most riders in it this weekend and it was a complete outsider (and no stranger to SuperEnduro) Milan Schmuser who had the crowd cheering loudest with a blinding time of 1m.50.3. His compatriot Luca Fischeder was a hair’s breadth behind with 1.50.77 but it was Schmuser who got the honour of sitting up on stage on a throne for half the night. He was up there so long he had to fetch a coat.
  • Eventually some of the seniors arrived with fastest times and it was a determined run from Brad Freeman who finally toppled king Schmuser from his throne, just half a second to the better.
  • Shortly after that Josep García arrived from another planet with a ride which clearly looked faster, super-smooth and determined. A win it was for the Spaniard to set up his weekend ahead nicely.
  • The final two-lane duel of the night was between EGP championship leader Andrea Verona and Wil Ruprecht. It was a furious face-off and saw some mistakes from both. Verona lost over 10 seconds to Garcia in this first test of the weekend.
  • Tomorrow is another day though…

EnduroGP of Germany Super Test results:



Photo Credit: Future7Media | Andrea Belluschi + Nicki Martinez