The Red Bull Override is the last major Hard Enduro race of 2020 in North America and takes place this Saturday, December 5, with major players Cody Webb, Mario Roman and Tristan Hart set to do battle over the unique six-hour race in Texas.

The Red Bull Override returns to Decatur, Texas this weekend for its second edition where all competitors will face a punishing 10-mile extreme course for a punishing six hour race – the competitor with the most laps completed within that time will be declared the winner. Or will they…

The race, won in 2019 by WESS Champion Manuel Lettenbichler, has a significant twist in three ‘Override’ sections, which are basically shortcuts that heavily reduce the length of the lap with each one serving up a much more technical challenge than the rest of the course. To be declared the winner, let alone a finisher, racers must complete each override section at least once in the race to be included on the official results.

Certainly tougher both physically and mentally, the Override sections create a serious risk versus reward element to the race and the results will surely depend on how well, and how frequently, they can be completed. With an increased risk of losing time, race strategy may well be out the window and any close battles could very well be decided by the third and final override section of the race. Exciting stuff.

Check out these highlights from the 2019 Red Bull Override:


Sadly, no spectators are permitted this time around and the event will not be streamed live. Enduro21 will bring you the results and coverage.


Photo Credit: Red Bull | Chris Tedesco