After the cancellation of the 2020 WESS Enduro Championship, the Red Bull Romaniacs is the last dog standing in the series’ calendar – the event is very much going ahead and entries are still available.

The 2020 Red Bull Romaniacs “will go ahead” says Martin Freinademetz and his team following the cancelation of so many major extreme events during 2020. Romaniacs, along with last weekend’s Fast Eddy Cross-Country at Hawsktone Park defiantly is still going ahead on October 27-31. Romaniacs stands as one of the only chances for international riders to compete in a major extreme race this season. “We are committed to pulling this off, despite the huge odds against us,” they say.

It has already been an uphill battle with the preparations through 2020 and it will be a different looking event but they say “there is only one option for us: to succeed and reach the finish, no matter how great the effort.”

Read our interview with Martin Freinademetz (this interview was conducted earlier in 2020, race dates have changed since) Romaniacs 2020: “Still a little early to make a clear announcement” – Martin Freinademetz

Entries remain open

The Red Bull Romaniacs team will do their best to make the “getting here” and “being here” as non-vertical as possible. They are in personal contact with each of participant, helping each one to understand their travel requirements, options and regulations.

Recent developments have presented some good news that should make traveling to and from Sibiu easier: First of all, the Romanian legislation now allows competitors, their crews and media, who participate at recognized sports events in Romania, to enter Romania without any quarantine time, independent of country of origin. The Red Bull Romaniacs is one of these events.

Also, the travel situation has dramatically improved in recent weeks with air travel to Sibiu operational again (London, Munich, Memmingen, Frankfurt-Cluj, Istanbul – Bucharest for example) and travelling by car (through Hungary for example) is “no problem”.

For many countries, no restrictions apply when returning from Romania after the Red Bull Romaniacs except for some which require a relatively simple Covid test to avoid quarantine. The event organisers say they will help to arrange Covid tests for any competitors on-site in Sibiu on the last or second last race day so competitors can continue with life as normal as soon as they arrive back at home.

The 2020 Romaniacs will run under the regulations of the Romanian Ministry of Health and safety will come first at all times. Among other changes that means they will not have the popular spectator points and they encourage fans this year to follow Vertical Madness 2020 online via Red Bull Romaniacs and on their social media channels.

“We have continually prepared the tracks and followed all the Covid regulations and requirements in order to invite athletes to compete this year.” Says Volkar Jacob from the RBR team. “We feel proud to be able to go ahead, no matter how restricted our spectatorship, media and coverage maybe.”

For those who want to race - go to this page for registrations:

Photo Credit: Future7Media