The 2020 Hard Enduro Series in Germany could be cancelled in favour of a fresh start in 2021 after Schwepnitz round on October 31 is cancelled – rising Coronavirus cases across the country continues to make life difficult for the series and race organisers.

Due to growing cases of Coronavirus across Germany the Schwepnitz round – originally set for October 31 – has been cancelled. When added to the difficulties already faced during this season the series organisers are looking at the best course of action foal l concerned but it could mean they call time on the whole season and start again in 2021.

Although the authorities have not yet issued a ban, the district of Bautzen is very close a high-risk area and it seems likely. Added to that the reduced entry numbers for the Schwepnitz round, additional costs to riders (negative Covid tests are recommended) and less revenue for the organisers due to limitations on spectator numbers, plus of course the increased health risk, the logical decision is to cancel the round.

Wipe the slate clean on 2020 HESG season?

How the championship as it stands will continue is to be decided in the next days and weeks the organisers say. The 2020 season was already shifted in the calendar to begin in October and end in May 2021 but as things stand it is not clear whether this can be maintained as a viable championship.

It could be wiser to wipe the slate clean and move to a fresh championship in 2021 as series organiser Denis Günther explains, “When we decided in spring to postpone everything until autumn 2020 and spring 2021, we did not expect the number of cases to increase again in October.

“The trend is now rather back to a normal season 2021, but of course we would stay with the existing registrations. But at the moment this is not fixed and we will consider all possibilities, also what will happen with the championship points from Reetz.”


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