Josh Strang will race a Sherco SEF 450 in the 2024 Grand national Cross Country (GNCC) season running his own team with support from Sherco USA.

“I’m proud to announce that I will be running my own program with full support from Sherco USA for the 2024 season.” Says Former GNCC and ISDE champion, Josh Strang.

The Aussie has followed what looks to us like a growing trend in North America to us in  creating his own team and programme for the 2024 season with support from key sponsors, not least Sherco.

“This deal has been a long time in the making but it’s very exciting seeing everything come together like we have all been working for.” Josh continues. “I wanted to find support and sponsors that actually wanted to be involved. These are the companies that have stepped up and the companies that when I approached them with an idea, there was no hesitation in wanting to help. This is going to be fun!

“The Sherco SEF 450 is a bike that people should not sleep on… it already has proven results in American East Coast racing. I have put in a lot of time and feel very comfortable on it so I’m excited to get racing.”

Sherco is already proven in EnduroGP we’ll add in here as well Josh! It’ll be good to see the French manufacturer back at the sharp end in GNCC. 


Photo Credit: Tyler Shepardson