The 2023 GNCC Racing round three results are back and Steward Baylor has been docked a place after a review for course cutting, elevating Ben Kelley to third and the championship points lead.

Controversy sometimes seems not far away from Steward Baylor, whatever he does. This time he really did bring it on himself by immediately alerting the officials he’d taken a bum line, straying off-course at the General GNCC race on Sunday.

GNCC Racing have reviewed the situation and docked Stew one position, dropping him to fourth place which has the important knock-on effect of elevating Ben Kelley to third, and therefore back to the top of the points table.

Enduro21 was expecting an official release about this one but we learned about it from listening to On The Pipe Podcast (listen to the episode below).

Stew’s sportsmanship in fessing up, plus a protest by another rider, caused the change in results which means Kelley is back to the top of the 2023 GNCC standings with 76 points, Baylor is second on 73 and General winner Craig Delong third on 67.

On The Pipe Podcast talks to Baylor about the race direction decision, the facts on the track at that point, the implications and ultimately why the decision was a tough one given how many people were busting out the boundary arrows in the horrendous conditions. As OTP points out, “literally everyone was cheating”…

Listen here: OTP, Weekend Review With Stu - Georgia GNCC



Photo Credit: Mack Faint | KTM