Enduro21 catches up with the main man behind Hixpania Hard Enduro, Enrique Caballero, to talk more about the Spanish race not being in the 2023 World Championship calendar, the decision taken together with WESS Promotion and why it is competitive out there for event organisers wanting to be in the HEWC.

When the news broke that both Hixpania Hard Enduro and Red Bull Tennessee Knockout were being dropped from the 2023 FIM Hard Enduro World Championship, a lot of people got confused about reasons behind it and whether or not the events would still run in 2023. To find out more we got on the phone to Enrique Caballero, the race director of the Spanish Hixpania race.

The main man behind the biggest hard enduro race in Spain opens up to calm down the nerves of the fans and riders. To cut a long story short, they’ll be alternating with GetzenRodeo to be the final round of the season every two years and the event will continue each annually – including 2023 on October 12-15 in Aguilar de Campoo – and next year will have an extra day of racing.

Not seeing Hixpania in the 2023 HEWC calendar took us by surprise…

Enrique Caballero: “The news just got launched this Tuesday. It’s true we won’t be in the 2023 FIM Hard Enduro World Championship next season, but for the following six years we’ll be taking turns with GetzenRodeo to be the final round.”

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“For us it wasn’t a surprise, we already discussed this priorly with WESS Promotion GmbH – the HEWC promoter. We understand the world championship’s situation, in the economic part and the budget it takes to make it happen, so we fully support the idea to take turns to be the final with GetzenRodeo. In the end it makes sense, there are a lot of great hard enduro races around the world that want to be in the HEWC.”

“It means everyone has space in the HEWC. There will also be new races entering the championship and some leaving the following seasons.”

“From our side, we obviously would like to be in every season, but we understand the situation and we’re really pleased to have the backing of the world championship’s organisers to be the final round every two years.”

Does this mean that you’ll take a break in 2023?

“No, Hixpania will happen this year also, even if this year were not going to be in the championship the promotor is going to help us by having the world’s best riders. The 7th edition of Hixpania Hard Enduro will take place in October 12-15.”

Will it be part of the Spanish championship?

“No, it´ll be an independent race. We want to make the event grow so we’re adding another racing day to make everyone’s experience better in this hard enduro party.”


Could they not fit every race in the HEWC calendar?

“Exactly. From our side, as we said, we would like to be part of the championship every year but we understand there are a lot of great hard enduro races and they also deserve a spot in the world championship. That´s why, closing the agreement with the promotor to be the final of the season every two years, it’s great news.”

“That doesn’t mean that we’ll only organise a great event when it’s the final. We’re going to have a world class event every year with the hard enduro top riders racing in it, even if it doesn’t count for the HEWC.

“Last year the promotor saw that we held a big final with big crowds cheering the riders and enjoying the event, something similar to what happened at the GetzenRodeo. And after that they want us to co-host the championship’s final together with the Getzen guys.”

“These two races are really popular, and they attract enthusiast all around the country, plus they’re easy to livestream.”

The last round, it’s always a big event, even more if it’s the title decider…

“It’s really important for us to host the last round of the championship, it means that the promotor trusts us after being part of the calendar the previous years and wants us to continue being part of it in the future.”

“The Red Bull Tennesse Knockout and the Red Bull Outliers will do the same as us, so it means everyone has space in the HEWC. There will also be new races entering the championship and some leaving the following seasons.”


Photo Credit: Future7Media