WESS round one joins the list of events called off as Extreme XL Lagares in Portugal is postponed.

Due to the global Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, the opening round of the 2020 WESS Enduro World Championship, Extreme XL Lagares in Portugal, has been postponed.

WESS Promotion GmbH in consultation with Extreme XL Lagares event organisers have taken the difficult decision to postponed the race scheduled for May 8-10 in Porto.

Paulo Moreira Melicia, Extreme XL Lagares director says postponing the event was a difficult decision but the right one: “Public health and safety must always come before the enjoyment of racing. Despite the situation we are all facing, our passion has not faltered and therefore we will put all of our energy into hosting a spectacular event in October.”

The safety of competitors, spectators, staff and those living in and around Porto is the priority and the current situation within the Porto region of Portugal is, as one friend tells us, “chaos”.

The news follows announcements from across the world of off road sport and enduro that events have either been cancelled or postponed.  

Some of the events within the WESS calendar like round two, Trefle Lozerien, currently in a very locked-down France and scheduled for May 21-23, could also be affected. 

The WESS press release goes on to say WESS Promotion GmbH are in daily contact with all event organisers and are monitoring the situation regards any further possible disruption to the current schedule.

It’s heartening to see the words postponed and not cancelled. There is no exact date set for the rescheduling of Lagares but that provisional October date is on the table.

“No matter how disappointing this decision is for all involved in the WESS Enduro World Championship and Extreme XL Lagares, clearly the impact Coronavirus is having around the world is incredibly distressing and far more important.” Explains WESS Enduro World Championship series manager, Winfried Kerschhaggl.

As such, it goes without saying that doing the right thing is all that matters. Playing our part to curb this virus is the most important thing we can do. The safety of everyone in the wider northern Portugal area, our competitors, spectators and staff must be put first. Like everyone, we are constantly monitoring the situation and are seeking as much professional advice as possible.”


Photo Credit: Future7Media