Video highlights and results from the super-competitive 2024 Italian Enduro Championship rounds three and four in Sicily where Beta Racing’s Nathan Watson claimed the overall ahead of Brad Freeman, Andrea Verona and Steve Holcombe.

The picturesque landscape Caltanissetta in Sicily hosted rounds three and four of the 2024 Italian Enduro Championship, home to a healthy portion of EnduroGP riders and teams. By contrast to the opening weekend of the Italian Assoluti series, and the first two GPs of the season, the 46 km track, with three special tests over four laps, were typical Italian baking hard, rocky and dry.

Day one

Day one proved unpredictable with Friday prologue winner Steve Holcombe, Andrea Verona Nathan Watson and Brad Freeman setting a formidable pace. Running right to the last timing beam, remarkably it was a day where four ran well clear and would finish just 11 seconds apart.

Verona took the early lead after the first test but Freeman, looking for some redemption after a DNS at the first Italian rounds and recent results at the Portuguese EnduroGP rounds, went ahead at the first Extreme Test.

Verona launched another attack but faced stiff competition from the English riders, Freeman in front and Watson and Holcombe behind. The battle for the second and third laps raged with the quartet constantly jostling for position, providing a spectacular race.

Come the final lap, Freeman maintained his lead, followed by Holcombe, Verona, and Watson. Watson wasn’t done though and stormed the Enduro Test, reclaiming second place, while the Verona rider was once again overtaken by Holcombe.

In the last special test, Freeman sealed the deal six seconds clear of Watson who was four seconds clear of third Verona who won the showdown with Holcombe for the third step on the podium by less than one second.

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Day two

Sunday in Caltanissetta was another baking hot one and with many riders sharing equal points after yesterday, points meant prizes.

Breaking the morning silence were Kevin Cristino and Davide Soreca who got things underway at 8:30am where the spotlight again shone on the main protagonists with Andrea Verona launching an attack in the first Cross Test.

Nathan Watson was close behind and moved into the lead in the next test, followed by Steve Holcombe and Brad freeman – the four riders once again trading tests and positions through the day.

Verona reclaimed the lead from Holcombe in the second lap, but Watson was in contention and as the third and final lap began, the Beta rider had it before Verona regained the advantage. Freeman meanwhile joined the top three, getting the better of Holcombe in the super-dry conditions.

Despite Watson’s strong performance in the final special test, it wasn’t enough and Verona claimed victory and the coveted leader’s plate. Again, it was very close with Watson just over a second behind, securing second place ahead of Freeman and with a 2-2 scorecard, Nathan claims the overall for the weekend.

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