Jean Louis Schlesser and the team behind the Africa Eco Race have announced January 4-16 race dates for the 2022 event set to run from Monaco to Dakar.

A planned 6500 kilometres of ‘authentic’ African Dakar rally experience will run for 12 days in the 2022 edition. The Africa Eco Race – the alternative Dakar rally event with an emphasis on amateur competitors – heads from Morocco down the west coast of North Africa, through the Western Sahara dunes and finishes at Lac Rose, near the capital of Senegal and original destination for the iconic Dakar Rally.

New, 5-day October “training” race planned

“In order to train and be prepared for this great adventure,” says race director Jean Louis Schlesser, “we are planning a new adventure in the pure tradition of cross-country rallies, in a country which has a diverse playground and breathtaking landscapes as we all love.”

At the time of writing (December 2020), they are yet to reveal too many details except to say it will happen in the first half of October 2021 and will have run for five days (five stages).


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