Ride onboard POV with the top three riders – Mani Lettenbichler, Billy Bolt and Mario Roman – at the Red Bull Abestone, round four of the 2022 FIM Hard Enduro World Championship in Italy.

HEWC round four in Italy was as tough as it gets with Mani Lettenbichler and Billy Bolt once again stretching the field apart with their speed and technique on what proved to be one of the most demanding courses in the calendar. These onboards are actually pretty lonely rides but give the full effect of how damn hard the Abestone course was in the Italian mountains.

Third on the day, Mario Roman meanwhile had to make up a whole 10 places in his comeback for third place (although you wouldn’t know it because Red Bull have edited all  the overtakes out for some reason…).

Results and insight from the Abestone Hard Enduro:  2022 Red Bull Abestone results: Third HEWC win in a row for Mani Lettenbichler

First place POV: Mani Lettenbichler Red Bull KTM Racing


Second place POV: Billy Bolt Husqvarna Factory Racing


Third place POV: Mario Roman Sherco Factory Racing (ignore the incorrect thumbnail image)