Onboard track preview for the final EnduroGP World Championship round of the 2023 season in Santiago Do Cacem, Portugal where riders face very different terrain to just one week ago including a “mini Erzberg” Extreme test.

Although we’ve stayed inside Portugal for the last two GPs of the 2023 season, conditions are quite different further south in Santiago do Cacem. Within sight of the Atlantic ocean, riders face a different type of rocks and sandy dirt than one week ago.

The three laps of four tests and will feature a 1.2 kilometre “mini Erzberg” Extreme test to kick things off followed by a 5km Enduro test 1 where the sand and eucalyptus trees are a feature in a test bound ot get whooped out acoss the weekend. The 2.4km Cross test follows and would be a grass test further north in Europe but here is sees dry, harder-packed dirt in open countryside. And finally a picturesque second Enduro test on the edge of town and underneath the Santiago do Cacem castle walls loops around for 4.2km.

Racing gets underway on Friday night with the Super Test right on the edge of the main paddock in a very tight arena which promises to be close…

Stay tuned to Enduro21 for all the results, rider comments and videos from across the weekend.