Ride POV onboard for the main race at Hixpania Hard Enduro with the winner Alfredo Gomez and runner-up Billy Bolt as they fight the rocks, riders and each other at Hard Enduro World Championship round seven in Spain.

As ever, getting onboard with the Pro riders offers cool insight into how that first lap and race unfolded (including the Le Mans style race start). Check how calm Alfredo seems from the get-go, his smart line choice and careful throttle control in the tricky riding conditions – the conditions were way harder than they look.  

Things are a bit more frantic for Bolt, despite his fast running start into the cave and P2 getaway behind Wade Young. Bill and Mani Lettenbichler play a game of cat and mouse all through the first half of the race and be sure to check out the pretty hefty crash around the 18-minute mark – you were a little lucky to get away with that one Billy!

Alfredo’s GoPro (ignore the thumbnail image, click the play button):


Billy’s GoPro: