Check out Dan Peace following in a grand British tradition of displaying mad skills on an enduro bike – the Sherco and Eurotek rider stepped across from TrialGP and is already making waves in Hard Enduro.

Young British trials riders hopping (literally) across to enduro is nothing new. Back when the earth was still flat names like David Knight and Graham Jarvis grew up with their feet up before trying their hands at enduro. Whatever happened to those guys?

Run through the rollcall of Hard Enduro major event winners and podium finishers across the last 10 or 15 years and there’s a high percentage of former top level trials rider collecting a trophy with a British passport.

Dougie Lampkin, Ben Hemmingway, Wayne Braybrook, Paul Bolton, Jonny Walker and of course William Bolt…there are more but you get the picture.  

The latest high-profile rider making that switch is Dan Peace, formerly a Sherco factory trials rider and TrialGP Youth World Champion, Peace remains under the Sherco wing and is supported by the good people at Eurotek.

Peace said at the start of the year he was putting himself under no pressure to get results in enduro but then progressed to win indoors at European SuperEnduro, has clocked a British Extreme Enduro win and leads the series and most notably bagged an official finisher’s flag at Erzbergrodeo with 15th place. Not a bad start to a career.

Next week it’s Romaniacs for the first time…


Video Credit: Enduro Station