Cool video footage of Mario Roman and Ivan Cervantes returning “to the place where it all began” and training at the five-times Enduro World Champion’s compound in Cambrills.

Before he switched full-time to hard and extreme enduros, Mario Roman explains in 2010 he joined the KTM InturSports by Iván Cervantes enduro team. At the time he moved to Cambrills, Ivan’s hometown, and trained daily with the Spanish legend to learn the discipline, sacrifice, effort required to be a professional enduro rider.

Heading back there for what looks like being a series of videos, Mario and Ivan explore the compound which has seen many of the very best Spanish enduro riders hone their skills over the years.

“It was a very special day for me,” explains Mario, “we were able to ride and train together, share a great motorcycle day, doing chrono, SuperEnduro, trial obstacles, motocross ... Seeing each other gave us a lot so this is just one of the first videos what will you see!”

The video is filmed at the ‘TwentyFiveTrainingCamp’, where Cervantes plans to open up the training facility to the public in the near future.


Video Credit: Mario Roman