What do ya know, we found a lost edit of a VERY rainy test on the Rieju Enduro range. Conditions, as you’ll see, were bad. So bad we struggled a bit with video content and ended with no images to put the usual test on Enduro21.

But any day in the woods is a good day and despite the weather we got a decent feel for the bikes, particularly the MR 300 Pro two-stroke.

This video is a brief overview of their enduro range, answering some common questions we get every time we write about a Reiju and shows we tested the bikes in some real world conditions.

What with all the noise around Rieju lately including Alfredo Gomez signing up to race the Spanish manufacturer’s enduro team, we’re glad to have found this lost tape in the bottom of a kit bag and can put it out.

Alfredo Gomez reckons a new engine is under development for the 300 models – read what Alfredo told Enduro21 in our interview: “We’re working on a new engine” – Alfredo Gomez talks moving to Rieju