Enduro21 has been on the testing programme again with the Fastway by Pro Moto Billet Evolution EXT footpegs featuring their Ankle-Savers extension on the back which Fastway say provides safety and support against ankle injuries.

The new Evolution EXT pegs from Fastway are also height, traction, and camber (tilt) adjustable which means they are super-adaptable to fit your preference. The Universal Collar System (UCS) lets you customise the mount in either the stock or lowered positions on most bikes – simply by reversing the collar. The replaceable traction cleat system allows you to customize the shape and traction level of your foot bed.

Here’s what Pro Moto Billet have to say about the EVO EXT foot pegs:

Fastway by Pro Moto Billet just upped the game with an all-new Stainless Steel EVO-EXT Footpegs with patented Ankle-Savers Heel extensions. These footpegs will give riders the ultimate in durability and stability for bashing rocks, roots, and ruts in the nastiest environments.

  • Patented Ankle-Savers To Prevent Against Ankle Injuries
  • Patented Adjustment for Standard or Low Position (For Taller Riders)
  • Patented Adjustment for Camber (Helps Keep Knees Tighter to Bike)
  • Patented Adjustable Cleat System for Superior Grip and Comfort
  • Large Footbed for Greater Stability & Control
  • Polished Stainless Steel for Ultimate Durability
  • Includes: 2 sets of F3 threaded cleats– short 10mm, and tall 12mm
  • Precision Engineered and Assembled in the USA

Cost: $219.95 for the full kit


Pro Moto Billet have a range of products for off-road and enduro including different spec/design footpegs, spark arrestors, kickstands and Fast Away handguards.

More information: www.fastway.zone