Enduro21 jumps right in the thick of the 2024 Red Bull Erzbergrodeo Hare Scramble. Qualifying in 222nd place, we parked our own Husky bang in the middle of the 500 qualifiers for the main race, hit the starter button and got on with it...

This is the reality of Erzberg in the mid-pack onboard with E21 editor, Jon Pearson. From the chaos of the start (what happened to the dead engine proceedure, anyone?), the flying rocks, monster hills and all the stuff you don’t see on the TV coverage or in pictures…the endless queuing in the woods.

The worst airport queue ever…

Especially this year, the Hare Scramble course chucks one snotty bottleneck after another in the early check points which all sap time as you go nowhere. Like the worst airport queue ever, it syphons into single tracks frequently and takes no time at all for tricky sections to become full of bikes and riders.

No-one can get a clean run and that means you have two choices: sit still and watch the pile of bikes grow in front of you or throw yourself into it and haul your bike through. 

The reality when you start midpack is everyone around you is capable of getting further through the race than their result will show.

And then, just like that, four hours has ticked by and you’re left wondering where the time went. Thanks to the boys along the way for the buddying up to help each other. Much appreciated.