Beta XTrainer heads the 2021 enduro model range – new Beta off-road motorcycle in dealers from May, 2020...

Beta’s XTrainer heads the charge of 2021 new off-road models arriving this month as Italy kicks back into life following Coronavirus.

The popular XTrainer model, which Beta say is “the ideal tool for making a 360-degree enduro” will be in dealers from this month, May, 2020.

In essence the 300cc, two-stroke model has not changed for 2021 and receives simple new colour changes.

That is a fact which will matter little to the many riders flocking to what has become a hugely popular bike. A lower price tag plus a confidence-inspiring character for enduro, trail and particularly extreme enduro – we also saw them competing at the 2019 ISDE.

Beta XTrainer highlights

  • 300cc, two-stroke.
  • Beta's new countershaft engine design introduced in 2020 reduces vibration, increases interia and improves the power curve.
  • New crankshaft for 2020 increased inertia and improve the power delivery curve. 
  • Beta progressive power valve (externally adjustable) also improves engine performance throughout the rev-range.
  • Low seat height – 910mm compared to 930 mm in the RR range.
  • 98kg claimed weight.
  • Automatic oil injection eliminates the need for pre-mixed fuel.
  • Map selector switch.
  • Electric start.

Availability: In dealers from May 2020

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Photo Credit: Beta Motor