The official Enduro arm of Honda in Europe, RedMoto, have announced their 2021 range of CRF RX motorcycles – 250, 300, 400 and 450 models plus four additional upgraded “Special” editions are upgraded in the new four-stroke range.

Italian Honda specialists and Honda’s official European partner for the production of Enduro motorcycles (and the official Enduro World Championship race team) have revealed details and prices for their 2021 CRF RX Enduro homologated bikes.

Based on the all-new 2021 Honda CRF450RX the RedMoto CRF400RX and CRF450RX Enduro bikes are equipped with a hydraulic clutch as standard, revised decompressor system to improve stall resistance, larger airbox, revised throttle body and exhaust ports for a stronger bottom-end. Additionally, the ‘big bikes’ have the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) with three riding modes, HRC Launch Control with three options and the Engine Mode Select Button (EMSB) with also three maps to adjust the power output.

The CRF250RX and CRF300RX benefit from Honda’s new twin-cam engine that improves torque at midrange and delivers more power at high revs. Second gear ratio is now closer to third reducing rev drop and the clutch performance has been improved, all of which naturally comes in handy for enduro riding. They also feature three launch control modes and three power modes EMSB (Engine Mode Select Button) to adapt to every riding condition.


Common for all four bikes is the new aluminium chassis, Honda’s seventh generation version, which has improved torsional and lateral stiffness increasing its agility and cornering abilities thanks in part to a narrower swingarm pivot area. The new frame also has a higher angular rigidity that delivers more stability and grip in turns Honda says.

Oh so ‘Special’ model upgrades

Those standard RedMoto models are already looking good but if you’re seeking extra performance the Italian Honda specialists have you covered in 2021. All four enduro models are available with a series of exclusive special parts:

  • Kite front wheel with red anodized machined hub and black anodized Excel rim
  • Kite back wheel with red anodized machined hub and black anodized Excel rim
  • High density polyethylene skid plate with AXP linkage protector
  • Twin metal Supersprox Stealth rear sprocket, aluminium core, steel teeth
  • Red anodized, machined aluminium X-Trig Rock yoke
  • X-Trig aluminium bar risers
  • Blackbird anti-skid seat cover 
  • Blue silicon radiator pipes
  • Red anodized, machined aluminium rear brake caliper mounting bracket
  • Red anodized wheel hub puller 
  • Red anodized, machined aluminium front brake master cylinder cover
  • Red anodized, machined aluminium rear brake master cylinder cover
  • Larger capacity, machined aluminium rear brake oil reservoir
  • Machined rear brake linkage bush
  • Security cable plate for rear brake
  • Simplified wire loom
  • Magura hydraulic clutch pump
  • Red anodized aluminium engine caps kit
  • Rekluse clutch cover
  • Vibram frame protections with super grip effect

The price of the ‘Special Enduro’ models increases by €1,300 (€1,200 for the 300) compared with the stock bike but it makes sense to go for it, if you were thinking on adding some extra goodies, as you’ll probably end up spending the double if you buy all the parts independently. 

Rekluse clutch options

RedMoto also offers the opportunity to improve the clutch with the possibility of adding either the Reinforced Rekluse Core Manual clutch (€750) or the Rekluse Radius CX automatic clutch (€950). Both options come with the machined clutch drum to improve durability and performance.

Termignoni exhaust


If you’re looking to enhancing the performance of the red machines even further there is also the possibility of fitting them with a steel Termignoni exhaust with a titanium muffler and a carbon fibre muffler cap (€1.075,00).

RedMoto Honda 2021 prices:

Honda CRF250RX Enduro €10,390

Honda CRF3000RX Enduro €10,890

Honda CRF400RX Enduro €11,290

Honda CRF450RX Enduro €11,290

Special versions:

Honda CRF250RX Enduro €11,690

Honda CRF3000RX Enduro €12,090

Honda CRF400RX Enduro €12,590

Honda CRF450RX Enduro €12,590

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