KTM has released details of their updated 2021 690 Enduro R dual-sport, single-cylinder do-it-all model – new colours and electronics including a new ABS unit make up the changes.

When KTM relaunched the 690 Enduro R in 2019 we were impressed. It’s a good, old-fashioned dual-sport trail bike but bang up-to-date in terms of looks, controls chassis and suspension plus has a list of genuinely useful electronic aids handed down from its bigger Adventure bike siblings (variable cornering ABS and traction control depending on which riding mode you select).

We had one on test for a month or so earlier in 2020 and enjoyed it just as much as an everyday and practical street bike as we took to hitting the trails. Tested: KTM 690 Enduro R

The LC4, single-cylinder engine is a versatile motor in this latest incarnation, helpful off the road by being gentle at low revs but equally a surprise on the road with a 70mph cruising speed and enough punch when you need it.

2021 updates


KTM has updated the model after two years with improved rider mode functions through the handlebar switch. Street mode enables two channels of ABS, controlling both the front and rear wheels. The press information also says the Off Road setting disengages rear wheel ABS for low-traction terrain but we reckon that was already the case and not a new feature for 2021.

The ABS itself does have a new modulator unit though which “better regulates the force and application of the braking power required” KTM say. It can be activated ‘on the fly’ and that means there is no longer a need for a ‘dongle’ at additional cost.

As with the previous model, the ABS can be adjusted via a button on the dashboard to make quick changes to switch it off for the full off-road (no ABS) setting. The new display now shows indicator lights for RPM and gear selection too.

Both models, there’s a street version as well as the Enduro R, have new 2021 graphics and colour revisions aping the EXC Enduro range with grey panels and we like the look of the colours on the SMR model too (the last image in the gallery at the top of this story).

There’s also a new specification catalytic converter fitted to the muffler, which sees Euro5 status of emissions for the LC4-equipped machine. Both models can also be clicked into a 35kW power setting to meet A2 license status.

The 2021 KTM 690 ENDURO R and the KTM 690 SMC R will be available at authorised KTM dealers from January 2021 onwards.


More information: www.ktm.com