Enduro21 takes a closer look at Beta’s RR Racing range of eight models for 2023 – four each different two-stroke and four-strokes plus the North America-specific 300 RX with new KYB rear suspension the standout new feature across the nine-model range.

Beta’s race-developed RR Racing Edition models have landed. The up-specced versions of the standard enduro and off-road ranges as ever arrive with a long list of upgraded parts and accessories plus changes to the engines and chassis to deliver a package ready to hit the timed tests and tracks.

The main new feature for both the two and four-stroke Race Edition and 300 RX models is the introduction of the Kayaba (KYB) rear shock, specially made by the Japanese suspension manufacturer in collaboration with Beta Italy engineers.

New graphics also highlight the sleek shapes of the Beta enduro models which feature the new radiator shrouds introduced on the standard RR models in June plus all-new handguards.

Check the standard 2023 RR models: First look: Beta RR MY 2023 – traction control for the 4T and a faster revving RR 125 2T

2023 Race Edition technical highlights:

  • Red anodised alloy quick release front axle puller for quick removal of the front axle (Not included on the 300 RX)
  • Reinforced handguards designed and manufactured in-house by Beta, feature a two-component material mold, in red and blue with a larger size overall for improved protection
  • Metzeler Six Days tyres as standard (Michelin Starcross on 300 RX)
  • Billet aluminum foot pegs have extra wide with stainless steel gripper pins for a strong, light platform
  • ZF rear sprocket with anodised aluminium core and steel teeth for added wear resistance (also sold as an accessory on most models)
  • Dedicated blue anti-slip seat cover with built-in pouch
  • Anodised black shift lever and rear brake pedals
  • Red aluminium anodised billet gearbox, engine and oil filter caps
  • Red aluminium anodised chain tensioners
  • New graphics with red and blue wheel decals (blue rims on the RX model)

2023 Race Edition engines – 200 & 300 models

In the previous model year, Beta made some changes to the power unit to enhance the performance of the 200 and 300 Race Edition models, these changes have been retained for 2023. The 200cc and 300cc engines differ from the basic models in the following ways:

300 Race: New cylinder head features modified flow geometry and combustion chamber geometry, delivers a higher compression ratio, resulting in a substantial increase in performance Beta say.

To better manage the increased power output of the engine, the power valve has also been modified, changing the internal spring and adjustment system to ensure “full-bodied and readily accessible power delivery” throughout the rev-range. Different ignition timing completes the package.


300 RX: The RX engine is unique to this model only, with a 72mm x 72mm bore and stroke (73 x 69.9mm on the 300 RR), smaller crankshaft, combined with a larger 38mm Keihin carburettor for maximum performance designed for moto and XC riding conditions.

200 Race: The 200cc engine also uses a different cylinder head compared to the standard version, as well as a single, stiffer power valve (instead of the two) increasing power at mid to high engine speeds.

What, no pre-mix?

To save weight, all two-stroke Race Edition and 300 RX models are set up to run pre-mix, although oil injection can be added as an accessory item to the Race Editions.

Hot news: new KYB rear suspension

Here’s the news, Beta has been developing a new rear shock with Kayaba and the 2023 RR models, including the RXs, get the C46 shock: The main change as far as the suspension of the RR Race Editions and the 300 RX models is the first ever use of a KYB rear shock, specifically designed and manufactured for Beta’s 2 and 4-stroke RR Racing and RX models. The new shock’s hydraulic setting can be fully customized by adjusting the external compression (both high and low speed) and rebound settings.


Beta say “joint research of Kayaba engineers and Beta Italy’s R&D department in Florence led to the development of a shock that is particularly effective in enhancing the Rideability of the bike under all conditions. KYB shocks are seen as a gold standard in the racing scene in terms of their ability to absorb big square-edged hits while at the same time, providing a supple ride over the smaller, lower speed bumps. on the RX Model).

Up front, 48mm Kayaba AOS closed cartridge spring forks run the show. Again, Beta say it is continually honed in collaboration with Kayaba for the Race Edition models and to work better with the new shock.

“Anodised internal parts and the new treatments administered to the materials” reduce sliding friction, compression and rebound damping adjusters let you customise the settings quickly.

2023 Four-stroke models

Traction control is the additional feature with every four-stroke RR model compared to the 2T bikes. The traction control function can be engaged at any time with a button on the control panel just above the gas filler.

Both the TC and engine map selection are controlled from this panel with two control buttons and separate LEDs for each. The main map options alter the ignition to slow down the rear wheel speed in slippery situations.

Bike will be available from November 2022 Beta say. Prices vary depending on your country. Beta USA have released their full RRP list:



Technical specifications for all Race Edition models (except 300 RX):



Photo Credit: Beta