First look at the 2024 Beta XTrainer 250 and 300 “perfect blend of play bike and enduro bike” models updated with new seat and “innovative magnetic key” and anti-theft system.

Beta’s XTrainer saw some serious upgrades in the previous, 2023 model year including a new rear subframe, air intake system, battery, larger fuel tank and new plastics. As is the way of things the updates for model year 2024 sees fewer updates but as ever with this hugely popular off-road motorcycle, they are mindful of the end user.

Beta is touting a new electronic key, a brand-new feature on a Beta enduro model, as the main innovation. It’s a sort of a hybrid of key-less ignition, magnetic kill switch already found on many trials bikes and an anti-theft device.

Basically you wear an adjustable and unobtrusive wrist strap connected to one half of the two magnetic “connectors” which are part of the ignition circuit when joined – pull your wrist away and disconnect the magnets and the bike won’t start. Unlike the trials-type magnetic kill switches this mechanism is smarter and one “key” cannot be used for another bike.


Innovation for Beta and a first for enduro?

The new electronic key is also, as you’d hope, a security system that functions as an anti-theft device for the bike and but also as an automatic cut-out if you fall off.

The anti-theft function means it is not possible to start the engine when disconnected, thanks to a code uniquely matching the two parts of the “key”. It deters theft of the bike along with the steering lock.

Shutting off the engine in the event of a fall prevents damage to the engine and is another safety device for the rider if you lose control, or the bike is on the ground with the throttle open – pull you arm away and it cuts out.

Beta say they have exclusively developed the system for enduro and have a European patent for it.


Additional updates to the 2024 Xtrainer

The new magnetic key isn’t the only update, there’s also a new seat foam with a different geometry and density for “greater rider support and comfort” as found on with the RR family of bikes Beta say.

New graphics are characteristic Beta red with black and white elements in continuity with the style that the bike received with the previous restyling and to partly mimic the competition focused models.

Beta XTrainer 300/250 model technical highlights:

  • 99kg claimed weight
  • Seat height reduced by 20mm compared to the RR range
  • Brakes: Nissin, hydraulic discs measuring 260mm at the front and 240mm at the rear
  • Suspension: R16V with 43mm stanchion front forks and progressive linkage rear shock with the fork offering adjustable spring pre-load and rebound while the shock is adjustable for pre-load, compression and rebound
  • Beta progressive exhaust valve can be externally adjusted by the rider, allowing engine performance to suit different riding conditions
  • Map switch device with handlebar, two positions for faster or slower engine response
  • Transparent fuel tank with 8.8 litre capacity
  • Automatic fuel-oil mixer located beneath the seat (which is easily opened at the touch of a button), does away with the need for the oil-fuel premix (but can be disconnected if preferred)
  • Cooling fan mounted as standard on Xtrainer, to ensure the engine always maintains the ideal running temperature, even on slower routes
  • Electric starter: precise and reliable, essential when restarting the bike in tricky situations
  • Engine and clutch derived from the RR enduro models detuned delivery to suit the Xtrainer

Prices vary globally but coming in at thousands below competition enduro models, are obviously a strong selling point for the XTrainer models. Check your local dealer for details.

Enduro21 did a pretty good test on the previous Xtrainer model, check it here: Tested: 2022 Beta 300 Xtrainer – Off-Road made easy

Beta XTrainer full specification: 



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