New simpler colours, new frames and the 150 SX is back in KTM’s updated 2025 KTM SX and SX-F range.

Yup, it’s that time of year again already when KTM announces their 2025 motocross model range. Yup, we’re all about enduro here but we are obviously looking to the future and curious about what’s coming next on the enduro model range.

The big talking point (the most talked about with factory race bikes of Josep Garcia and Andrea Verona in EnduroGP as well), is the latest gen frame. Well, if the SX models are pre-cursors to the EXC models then feast your eyes because the frame has changed, and not just the colour.



A “reworked front triangle, wall thickness, and shock mount for improved comfort and control” is the thing which jumps out at us from the press information. A few people we know have been saying the current EXC range is too stiff and heavier up top around the headstock than they'd like too.

With the new one-frame-fits-all approach from KTM, there has to be compromises across the different disciplines, surely? If the Supercross and Motocross riders are making big noises about the previous frame not working for them, how's this one going to affect the enduro bikes?

Whatever your riding preference, the new frame features more visible cut-outs and KTM says also tube-wall thickness changes around the front, engine mounts, and rear shock mounting areas.

These changes are engineered to improve chassis flex characteristics they say and the effect is also to reduce weight by around 300g “while maintaining overall stability and improving cornering behaviour”.

Other updates around the bike include new settings for the WP XACT suspension plus updated linkage with new seals and smaller diameter linkage bolts for the shock, new fuel tank mount, new chain slider and Dunlop’s latest MX 34 as standard.

2025 KTM SX and SX-F model range Technical Highlights:

  • New colours and graphics 
  • New frame with reworked front triangle, wall thickness, and shock mount for “improved comfort and control”
  • New engine mounts enhance chassis flex for improved cornering
  • Updated WP XACT fork settings to compliment changes to the frame
  • Updated WP XACT rear shock settings add damping while a new linkage
  • New fuel tank mount for improved fitment, reducing frame scrubbing and more durability
  • New four-stroke exhaust
  • New chain slider improves durability and dirt dissipation
  • Hybrid polyamide and aluminium subframe
  • Innovative Quickshifter function allows clutchless upshifts from 2nd to 5th gear.
  • Map select switch toggles between two maps to change engine character and engages Traction Control, Launch Control, and the Quickshifter.
  • Connectivity Unit Offroad (available as KTM PowerPart), offers more features via the KTMconnect app
  • Hydraulic Brembo clutch system offers highly controllable modulation and light operation.
  • High-tech Brembo brakes combined with lightweight wave discs offer incredible braking power and feel.
  • CNC machined hubs and Excel rims
  • Large, die-cast foot pegs for confidence, comfort, and control

Take a look at the details

Ergonomically, KTM say the 2025 SX and SX-F range features new tank shrouds with bi-composite plastics on the upper and lower flanks, for a new look and improved cooling.

This is supported by an updated fuel tank roll that protects the frame against wear and improves tank fitment they say.

There’s also an updated air inlet sleeve, or intake, and snorkel design. Now a one-piece part, KTM say it prevents deformation as it’s manufactured using stiffer material.


The 2025 KTM SX-F models now feature a new exhaust silencer, “providing crisper performance and torquier midrange” they tell us all working in combination with switchable engine maps.

And, bigger news still is, the on-off relationship with the 150 is back on. The cherished KTM 150 SX is back the two-stroke stable which includes the 125, 250 and 300 SX, which, naturally, we want.


New Dunlop GEOMAX MX34 Motocross tyres are standard on the 2025 KTM SX and SX-F models. These feature a new carcass compound that improves damping and absorption, adding up to 30% longer performance they claim. New Progressive Cornering Block Technology improves traction, grip, and mud dissipation too.

The WP XACT rear shock has an updated linkage with new seals and smaller diameter linkage bolts. It’s a new design taken directly from the KTM Factory Racing Team who worked on this area to save weight and improve “stiffness parameters” – more fel we read that as.

Both front and rear WP XACT suspension features reworked settings to account for more flex and less weight.


KTM also says the 2025 models sees the introduction of the Connectivity Unit Offroad…we thought it was already out there to be honest (we wrote about it here).

Either way, it’s available as KTM PowerParts catalogue, offers various functions and adjustability via the KTMconnect app. The kit includes the CUO, mounted on the right upper fork between the lower and upper triple clamp and the GPS sensor sitting in the CUO-compatible front fender.


The 2025 KTM SX and SX-F models will be in dealers from May. Prices not yet available.


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