Yamaha extend the availability of the new Tenere 700 Extreme edition with up-graded, longer travel suspension to customers across Europe.

Enduro21 brought you the new bikes news about the Extreme (and Explore) models back in March 2023. At the time it looked like the latest upgrade on the hugely popular 700cc twin adventure bike would only be available in limited countries. Initially that was German, French and Italian markets Yamaha told us. 

Read that article here: New Yamaha Tenere 700 Extreme Edition? Did they make a new bike and keep it quiet?

But Yamaha Europe has this week announced the Extreme edition will be added to their full 2024 model line up across the continent (apologies, no news we can see about this in other parts of the world).

The Tenere 700 Extreme Edition is designed to be more agile on the rougher terrain thatnks to improved KYB forks (with Kashima coating), fully adjustable and with 230mm of travel (20mm more than the standard model).

The rear suspension has been upgraded with a new and fully adjustable 220mm (20mm more than stock) of travel KYB shock that is “more progressive to improve traction”.

Tenere700 Extreme Edition highlights:

  • KYB 43mm diameter fully adjustable fork with Kashima coating, 230mm of travel (20mm more than the Tenere700).
  • Fully adjustable KYB cartridge shock, 220mm of travel (20mm more than the Tenere 700)
  • 260mm ground clearance (20mm more than the Tenere 700)
  • One-piece flat seat with additional 20mm padding offering a higher 910mm saddle height
  • 5-inch TFT screen connected with three colour settings
  • Slip-resistant, lightweight titanium footpegs with 35% more surface area
  • High front fender, enduro style, colour matched
  • Radiator guard and aluminium chain guide

Price and availability

Yamaha say the Ténéré 700 Extreme will be available throughout Europe for the 2024 model year and that you should “contact your national Yamaha distributor for more information on availability and the local price”.

If you’re liking the look of what you see then do yourselves a favour and get to the awesome people at Yamaha Off Road Experience in Wales who’ll give you a day out riding Teneres or the WR enduro range: www.yamaha-offroad-experience.co.uk