KTM’s 2021 motocross models break new ground for the world’s biggest off-road motorcycle manufacturer with the new myKTM app which will make trackside electronic changes a reality…

Engine mapping, traction control and engine braking are just some of the adjustments you will be able to make at the touch of your phone screen with KTM’s new SX and XC four stroke models launched today, June 23. 


Among the list of changes to the 2021 motocross line-up, which includes the XC Off-Road range, are new forks, fresh graphics and Dunlop tyres all round. Quietly round by the back door almost, KTM also snuck a sizeable change into their off-road stable with a new, electronic rider controllable power tuner available for the 4T SX range.

The new myKTM App 

The big news coming out of Mattighofen today from their online new model launch is the new ‘Connectivity Unit kit’. With it, 2021 KTM 450, 350 and 250 SX-F models will have the option to make adjustments you might previously have thought was for the Pro riders. 

The Connectivity Unit fits to the bar pad (fitted by a KTM dealer) and, with the myKTM app downloaded to a phone, riders can personalise their bike using two different modes – Prime and Advanced. 

“Almost infinite possibilities” then open up to allow you to change the engine mapping, traction control, engine braking, throttle response and launch control. Additionally, the app can offer suspension set-up advice via the “SAG Assistant”.


Although tuners have been available aftermarket for some time now and Yamaha’s tuner app has been a reality on YZ and WR models for years, this is the first ‘official’ rider controllable option like this from KTM.

The myKTM app will be available as an option from the KTM Power Parts catalogue from July 25 for all 2021 4T models – at present only the MY20 450 SX-F can have the control unit retro fitted. 

What else is new on the 2021 SX models? Here are the highlights…

Updated suspension on all models

KTM has revised the WP XACT front forks and rear shock across the model range to make them slightly firmer both at the front and the rear as well as provide a “refined optimum setting for traction and comfort”. 

New ‘low friction’ SKF seals for the rear suspension linkage bearings reduces the friction level and helps the whole system work better to provide improved action they say. 


The forks have been reworked internally to extend oil and air bypasses which reduces pressure peaks during riding. A new mid-valve damping system works with the new internals to improve feedback and feel. 

New engine parts on the 450 SX-F 

The 2021 450 engine has a new copper-beryllium bushing on the upper conrod bearing replacing the DLC coated piston pin after, KTM say, “gains were discovered during testing”. A reworked shift locker (gear shift drum) also increases reliability just as found on the 2021 EXC models launched last week. 

ktm_450_sx-f_2021_560There's also a reduction of weight and inertia, along with improved stiffness, through the new shape rocker arms and the engine casing now carries additional fixing points for an hour meter, plus the entire casing itself has just two M6 screws for the whole unit. 

KTM 125 SX reliability upgrades


For 2021 KTM’s R&D department has worked on thicker inner clutch hub sleeves on the 125 SX to improve reliability (also on the KTM 150 SX) plus there’s a new piston with tougher material to also improve reliability.

New throttles on the SX models (two-strokes)

The two-stroke range of SX KTM for 2021 also get an update to the throttle assembly. The new roller design claims to provide smoother throttle motion and improved cable reliability KTM says. 

The entire 10 bike SX range also features the 2021 graphics and will run on Dunlop’s latest Geomax MX-33 tyres.

More information: KTM.com 

Photo Credit: KTM