Stark’s newest recruit Eddie Karlsson just took his (and their) first extreme enduro race win on the Varg – Enduro21 catches five with the rider turned and video creator to find out more…

Former TrialGP World Championship factory rider Eddie Karlsson jumped onto enduro bikes a handful of years ago and hasn’t looked back. Known more for his spectacular videos on social media, the Swedish rider has been racing enduro including the 2024 SuperEnduro World Championship where he claimed a top 10 overall, and challenged for Superpole wins along the way.

Anyone who remembers the KTM EXC model launch images from last year will also remember some spectacular riding shots – those were Eddie.

Enduro21 catches five with Eddie for a honest talk about the Varg, social media love (and haters), why electric and petrol bikes should race together and 2024 EnduroCross series.

Hi Eddie, what’s going on? It sounds like a new chapter is happening?

Eddie Karlsson: “Yes I’m part of the new team basically, Taddy and Eddie are together in same team!”

“But yeah, it’s true, I had a contract in Trials with Honda but not in enduro so it means a lot to me to make this move. It’s a good opportunity to make it full time and not necessarily have to split my time between riding and working.”

Is the plan for you to carry on as your were, racing and creating videos on the Varg?

“From beginning I think they wanted me to do my thing, you know, my Instagram and make my videos. But then I said I’m not done with racing and they agreed to support me to continue racing.

“I hope to be able to make as many races as possible, SuperEnduro and the indoor racing is what I really enjoy. So I hope to race back in Newcastle later in ’24 in the same venue as the last SuperEnduro round but the plan is to try and make some more races and I’m really looking forward to it.

“We have the Battle of Vikings series in Sweden so I plan to do all the series and it will be interesting as we just find out what is possible with the bike, maybe we have to change the battery in some races but it takes one minute and 30 seconds so there is options to ride longer races.”

Do you know which other races you might do on the Varg?

“I just heard maybe it’s possible to make the American EnduroCross series, I’m not sure yet but I hope so and it would be cool to race there, it’s going to be fun.”


Content creator and racer

Eddie has been signed-up by Stark Future to both create content on his social channels but also to race and help develop the Varg electric motorcycle. Crucially, for us at least, that means Eddie is joining Taddy helping develop the bike in the woods and over rocks.

Will you also be working on bike development for enduro?

“Well, I’m only new in the factory so I don’t want to make assumptions, but I think it is a big part of the next step with the Varg. Many people want it to be ready for enduro riding.

“I’m really looking forward to working together with them ‘cause I think it’s definitely a bike more people will want to ride and be able to ride more places.

“I put 500 tonnes of dirt next to my house and I have neighbours close and for the moment they don’t say anything but if I want to ride every day without anyone saying something about the noise, this is the perfect solution.”

We guess you see all the negative comments aimed at electric bikes on your own social media, how do you feel about that?

“I think this is always the problem when something new comes to a sport, there’s always haters and lovers. Of course, the smell and the sound of a combustion engine bike means a lot to a lot a people and me also, but in the end the best thing is we ride our bikes as much as possible and this is a solution.

“I know they have problems in different countries, in America as well because of the noise and if you can ride every day without any problems then it’s more time to improve and enjoy it. So, I see that but I think it’s the future.”

And you proved they can compete alongside each other…

“For me the option should be petrol bikes and electric bikes fighting each other like we did at Battle of Veklings because this is gonna more fun. You’re gonna have the haters and the ones who love it and I think answering the problems and critics, to have a race is the way to do it.”


Competing in the Swedish Hard Enduro series, Karlsson made his debut last weekend on the Varg and promptly won the 2.5 hour Battle of Veklings extreme race.

So how was it when you first got on the Varg, how do you feel riding it?

“In beginning it was quite strange because you hear so much noise from the chain, the brakes and tyres and if you hit the rocks, they sound like they are smashing so hard! You stop to look and see what’s the noise.

“But in the end it’s just different noises and I like it that you can go flat out in a corner and you hear the birds, it’s like a different world. For a while it’s strange but you can hear your friend talk and it’s quite cool and a new experience for a rider.

“I tell many people who are a little confused about it but the riding experience is still there, that doesn’t change. The only thing is when you watch it and you don’t hear the sound. For some this can be a negative but when you ride, it’s just different, definitely just as good.”

A bit of tech/back story on the bike settings and battery consumption: We understand Eddie used around 50% battery in the 2.5 hours of racing. Starting with a 45hp setting, he began with 80% and finished with just under 30% battery.

Watch Eddie’s full onboard from the Battle of Veklings Extreme Enduro here.


Photo Credit: Future7Media | Andrea Belluschi + Thomas Nordström