Enduro21 catches five with Teodor Kabakchiev, the new Sherco Factory Racing team rider to talk about his new bike, status as official rider in the French factory team for the 2024 Hard Enduro World Championship and the Bassella Race Xtreme Enduro winner.

After years of hard work in hard enduro and extreme race all over the planet under his own team and steam, the beginning of 2024 saw Teodor Kabakchiev signed to Sherco Factory Racing for the 2024 Hard Enduro World Championship.

Without a doubt a giant leap in the career of the Bulgarian rider who is one of the brightest prospects in the HEWC who will line-up alongside Mario Roman in the Sherco team. 

As Enduro21 catches up with Teo, his face is like a child with new toy as we take a look at his new race bike. Although he confesses to not having had much time to get used to it yet, he is full of praise talking about its power and handling.

Teo went on to win the Bassella Xtreme race ahead of Dominik Olszowy, Alfredo Gomez, Jonny Walker and Taddy Blazusiak. And, although he is not a traditional enduro specialist, he took the holeshot in the Sunday main cross country race and finished fourth ahead of more than a thousand riders after completing two laps and more than 120 kilometres.

How did the Xtreme Race in Bassella go Teo?

Teo Kabakchiev: “Yes, I am very happy for the Sherco team and also for me. It was a race that we decided to do before the Hard Enduro World Championship starts [in May, with the Valleys Hard Enduro of Great Britain]. So we have come here. The best thing I could do was win and that’s what happened, so I’m happy.”


New season, new team and new bike…how is everything going?

“Yes, new team and new season. I really like my current position and the opportunity I now have ahead of me, because the team is really professional.

“My mechanic, Coco, takes care of the bike and the team manager takes care of everything else and now I can concentrate more easily on training and racing instead of having to organise other things. So yes, in general I am very happy and I really want to continue improving and what the future holds for us with the team.”

What were your first impressions with the new Sherco?

“The bike is very fast! Although I’ve had little time so far, I’m already winning some races, so this only shows we can continue to grow and improve from here. I’m pleased to see that the bike is so fast, because we haven’t had much time to test it yet. I just got on it and went for it.

“It feels very good and suits my riding style and my speed. The chassis is very stable in corners and on fast exits, and the power is at another level.”


What goals have you set for yourself this season?

“Well, my goals are to improve and progress. That is clear, and everyone from the team aims for it.”


Watch the Xtreme race onboard video with Teo: Bassella Xtreme Race: Onboard fight for the win between Teodor Kabakchiev and Jonny Walker



Photos: Sherco Racing | Mastorgne + Fotoesport.cat