Enduro21 catches five with Jaime Busto, the 2023 TrialGP World Championship runner-up after the Spanish Bassella enduro race – will we see him at a hard enduro event in the future?

It is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that we see Jaime Busto enjoying enduro, out with friends, at big off-road events such as the Bassella Race or the Enduroc in his native Spain.

In fact when the calendar allows it the GASGAS Factory Racing rider, who finished runner-up in the X-Trial and TrialGP championships to Toni Bou, is quick to change his open face helmet for a full-face and goggles to go practising enduro as an escape and part of his physical training.

Jaime, it’s great to see you at an enduro race!

Jaime Busto: “I really like enduro and the idea of racing the Basella Race came to me. More than for the Xtreme Race, to ride the lap long enduro course on Saturday and Sunday. But hey, since I was already here, I was also excited to try the SuperEnduro. It’s not what I’m most passionate about, to be honest, but I had a great time and I think I had a good qualifying and race.”

“I had a couple of small problems, but I’m very happy with how everything went and I was looking forward to enjoying the Bassella Race.”

[NB: Busto finished second in the Xtreme Race semi-final, behind the winner Teodor Kabakchiev, and was forced to retire in the final due to a mechanical problem]

The GASGAS rider looked solid in the extreme race…

You had a good time here, it’s as if the enduro was an escape valve...

“A little bit yes, the truth is that, being such a long lap, it is a good physical workout for me. Spending so much time on the motorcycle, it is also good for trials races, since you have to be focused for many hours. This week we start the Spanish Trial Championship and I think it is very good for me to kick off the season.”

We are surprised to see you with a four-stroke…

“There are those who prefer two-stroke bikes for this but for me, personally, when I do traditional enduro, this one works better for me. In the extreme the four-strokes are a little more difficult to ride but I had a great time, which was the important thing, and I think I have done everything I could.”

Will we see you at a hard enduro event if your calendar allows it?

“No! I like traditional enduro.”

So, that was pretty clear! Jaime, for the moment it seems, is focused on his day job and enjoying traditional enduro for the love of it.


Photo Credit: Enduro21 + Future7Media | Nicki Martinez + Fotoesports