Central Powersports Distribution (CPD) has announced an agreement with X-Grip of Austria to distribute X-Grip Tires, mousses, and tubes in the United States. With the first X-Grip container already arrived in their new Texas warehouse, a new breed of dirt bike rubber for US market is ready to go says CPD.

Actively participating in the biggest and toughest races in the world for many years has given X-Grip the knowledge and real-world experience to produce long-lasting and high-performing tires to suit any offroad terrain. Unlike other brands that make every kind of tire imaginable, X-Grip’s focus is only for the dirt.

X-Grip is quickly becoming a force in Europe thanks to their extreme hard enduro and enduro product lines that perform well in all conditions an dare proven at the toughest of races.

X-Grip has a wide range of bib mousses to cover all levels of performance, conditions, longevity, and “feel” that racing can bring. In addition, X-Grip also has a large selection of tubes, tools, and components to fit your individual needs.

CPD’s Mark Berg is pleased with the new partnership: “In my opinion, the US tire market is still missing a good line-up of dedicated off-road specific tires. Sure, there are a lot of MX and SX tires out there, but what about something designed from day one for rocks, roots, and logs?

“X-Grip Tires are the answer to fill this vacant yet in-demand niche. X-Grip continues to push the performance envelope in the off-road tires and mousses based on the needs and desires of enduro riders and racers. X-Grip is a fantastic fit for our growth in the off-road aftermarket segment, and we hope to grow the X- Grip name in the USA in years to come.”

CPD currently also imports and distributes notable OEM motorcycle brands such as Rieju, Electric Motion, SWM, and AJP, all while continuing to add more aftermarket off-road-specific brands to their growing portfolio. X-Grip is a great addition to the CPD family of brands already in distribution, including FunnelWeb Filters, S3 Parts, Viral Brand Goggles, and Trick Bits Protection parts.

More information: cpd.direct

For more information on becoming an X-Grip/CPD dealer, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. To learn more about X-Grip and their products, visit www.x-grip.at