Italian motorcycle boot manufacturer Forma has a new mid-priced model in their off-road range, the ‘Pilot’ brings high levels of comfort and protection as you'd expect but in a design tailored more towards Enduro riders.

With promised high levels of comfort, safety and “elevated foot sensibility”, Forma’s latest model in their off-road boot line-up offers much for Enduro riders.

The Pilot boot sits just behind the top-of-the-range Predator boots which is established in the market and worn by the likes of EnduroGP World Champion, Steve Holcombe.

But the predator is like many top-end boots and more tuned to motocross than some riders would like. When you’re spending hours on the pegs and not just minutes like the MX boys and girls are, a bit more comfort helps. The pilot sits in a mid-price bracket too which means a healthy amount less of a dent on your wallet.

Forma Pilot boots technical features:

  • F.C.S. (Flex Control System) anti-torsion ankle brace with double rear stop
  • Replaceable/adjustable aluminium articulated “Evo Security Lock” buckles
  • Synthetic material upper
  • Double density rubber sole for increased abrasion resistance and longer durability
  • Bonded sole (featuring Goodyear stitching directly to midsole) for enhanced rigidity and long-lasting use
  • Injection moulded plastic protection plates
  • Rubber heat gripper protector inside
  • Adjustable Velcro closure system
  • “Security Lock” strap holder
  • Padded inner lining and soft polymer padding with memory foam
  • I.N.&F.S. (Incorporated Nylon & Fiberglass Shank) midsole
  • Anti-bacterial replaceable footbed with A.P.S. (Air Pump System) and spare Eva Anti-shock inserts included
  • CE-approved

Forma say the articulated brace offers “maximum safety” for the ankle and is not directly stitched to the upper. That allows a more controlled flexing of the foot but still protects the user from unnatural lateral foot movements. The brace also features a double rear stop which blocks rearward flexing at a maximum of 33 degrees.

There’s a nice feel to these Pilot boots as Enduro21 unboxed them. The mid-priced range of boots available on the market are becoming increasingly popular it seems with several manufacturers launching new models in the last year or so.

The more expensive boots offer ultimate protection but can also have less feel and that is meaningful to both enduro and trail riders who spend more time actually wearing them. There’s a range of spare parts available too and that matters as much as the comfort levels.

Cost: $379/€299.95

Colours: range of six options

Sizes: 8-13 (Womens 11+12) or 39-47

Forma have sent Enduro21 a set to test so, as ever, we’ll clock up some hours and report back at a future date.


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