Something for the weekend? DMX Designs are providing the luxury treatment for riding kit with your name or sponsor logos printed on their boot bags…

The Portuguese company DMX Designs are perhaps better known for their graphics kits. They also specialise in helmet designs and riding gear printing but they have started producing a few of their own products which you can tailor with your sponsors' logos or name.

One such product is this boot bag which looks ace even if we do say so ourselves. The ‘one size fits all’ bag measures 36 x 25 x 48cm, is made from 100% Polyester and has four ventilation eyelets. One side also features a business card-sized pocket for an ID tag if you’re travelling.

Clearly the best thing about it is you can get your logos, numbers or name printed on the side – so we did!

Cost: €20 (€30 printed)

More information via DMX-Designs on Facebook


Photo Credit: Future7Media | Philippe Teixeira