Gaerne goes back to the future with 1980s retro, ‘new’ GMX Mach 80 Off-Road boots...

Everything about the GMX MACH 80 shouts ‘80s from the original full, hand-made leather boot upper, the classic front shin plate to the old-school buckle system – so much so it seems wrong to call them “new”. 

Italian firm Gaerne is reliving its heritage with a boot which, they say, “interprets the MX style of the 80s, taking up materials and shapes that have characterized one of the most important decades of this discipline.”

The GMX MACH 80 is characterized by the original graphics and front plate, made of thermoplastic and which is removable to allow for different graphics available as an accessory.

The 3mm thick leather upper is purely of its time and as such do not offer the full protection of a current off-road boot design like Gaerne’s SG12. The boot is equipped with a steel toe and some malleolus protection to protect those ankles plus two buckles and a large strap to complete the back to the future authenticity.

Cost: €369.90

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