The South African brand Leatt has launched their new 2024 motorcycle collection filled up of a large range of helmets, shirts, pants and gloves

The Leatt 2024 collection merges functionality, technology and design in all its clothing and accessories to continue giving priority to safety, but without neglecting an eye catcher style according to the brand – as last season we will have to wait a few more days to see the enduro and trail ranges.

2024 riding gear

With three ranges to choose from, 5.5, 4.5 and 3.5 Leatt seeks to offer a kit that meets the needs of all off-road enthusiasts regardless of their level.

If you ride in hot environments and you like a tight fit, the 5.5 kit is the is for you. The jersey is made of stretch mesh to be more breathable and lightweight, providing you with a precise fit both with and without body armour. For the pants, they have developed a new fit that prevents your pants from sliding down and the Knee Brace System (IKS) reduces the wear caused by knee pads.

The 4.5 range has a more classic fit without sacrificing comfort or ventilation thanks to the MoistureCool 3D mesh and X-Flow side ventilation panels. Like the top of the range 5.5, they also incorporate a silicone adhesive strip to keep everything in place and reinforcements in the knees area.

If you don’t want to spend a lot but also don’t want to give up good quality materials, the 3.5 kit is a good option. The 3.5 kit is a set of shirt and pants that is sold together and is made with a classic cut and 3D elastic mesh with overlock seams.


5.5: €84,99  (jersey) $185.85 (pants)

4.5: €54,99  (jersey) $137.61 (pants)

3.5: €119,99 I $124.99

2024 helmets

Continuing with their search to offer greater protection for the riders, Leatt say that their helmets are made with safety as the main pillar. All the models of the range, 9.5, 8.5, 7.5 and 3.5, use the 360º Turbine Technology system to mitigate rotational forces and a ventilation system that will keep you cool even at low speeds, something ideal for hard enduro riders, according to the brand.

In addition to this security system, all their models are made with four-density impact foam and a detachable helmet visor – the 3.5 and 2.5 models only incorporate this second security feature.

As always, Leatt helmets are designed to be compatible with the neck brace collars and have the cheek pad evacuation system. Plus, they all come with a matching pair of goggles.


9.5: €699 $649.99

8.5: €599 $549.99

7.5: €349 $299.99

3.5: €239 $299.99

2024 Gloves

The Leatt glove family is bigger for 2024 as there are now four models to choose from: 4.5, 3.5 Lite, 2.5 X-Flow and 1.5 GripR. Designed to give the best feel both with wet and dry hands, they incorporate a revolutionary elastic stitch thread that improves the resistance of the seam to offer greater durability according to Leatt. The gloves are made of an elastic material on the back of the hand that keeps them cool and dry.


4.5: €74.99

3.5 Lite: €59.99

2.5 X-Flow: €48.99

1.5 GripR: €34.99


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