Lubricant and care specialists MOTOREX has updated their product range for motorcycles with new versions of the Moto Clean bike wash, an all-new Moto Shine spray and a new biodegradable formula Moto Protective spray.

Motorex’s Moto Clean bike cleaner is something we’ve used by the gallon over the years at Enduro21. Along with the protective spray, and now the new Moto Shine spray, it creates a ‘bundle’ package to keep the bike prime after riding.

Upgraded for 2022, Moto Clean is now available in two varieties: a stronger Moto Clean Plus and Moto Clean Universal for more sensitive surfaces.

Universal spray specifically for dirt bikes

The new addition to the range is Moto Clean Universal which Motorex has developed to be a “light” option with less extreme cleaning power – specifically with off-road bikes in mind.

The shape of the bottle is also different from the stronger version and features a spray head without 360-degree functionality. It too comes in a transparent, one litre container with a manual pump spray that they claim lasts virtually the entire lifetime of a bike and can be refilled using the five litre canister.

The fast-acting Moto Clean Plus, with its organically based formula, can be used either neat or diluted in water. The sturdy manual pump spray allows the cleaner to be applied to the preferred or needed quantity, while the 360- degree spray head means that it can also be used upside down.

Motorex is also replacing the silver one litre bottle, and five-litre refill can, with a transparent version.

Moto Shine MS1 – bike looks and smells good

The new glossy Moto Shine MS1 spray aims to produce a perfect finish on your bike after cleaning, whatever the surface. The spray forms an antistatic film with drop-repellent effect and leaves a lasting shine. Dust and dirt-repellent properties also makes the gloss spray ideal for bikes on display or in showrooms.


Compared to its predecessor (Moto Shine), Motorex say the new MS1 version has been enhanced in every respect. A spray nozzle introduced in place of the manual pump distributes the care fluid in an even finer spray, which can now also be used upside down. The improved application process – spraying onto a cloth first and then rubbing it in – reduces the amount of fluid used from the 0.5 litre bottle. The spray has already undergone intensive testing on track with the help of international racing teams.

And, if that wasn’t enough, it now smells of cherry. Ain’t that sweet.

Same name, new formula Moto Protect

Motorex’s long-standing protection spray has been upgraded to make it biodegradable. Given the likelihood of this spray coming into contact with nature during off-road use, MOTOREX has adapted it just like the two varieties of Moto Clean.

The 500ml container size remains unchanged, as do the product’s tried-and-tested ability to prevents persistent dirt build-up, maintain, preserve and protecting surfaces against dust and dirt.

Moto Protect repels moisture and creates a fine oil film to protect the treated surfaces from corrosion. It is also easy to apply and can be used upside down.

Available from the summer of 2022, depending on your country.

Motorex say they are in the process of reorganising the entire moto product range including numbering all clean and care products with a 1, 2 or 3 on their label – corresponding to the three clean, care and lubricate steps. They say we’ll also soon see a new complete chain lube range, among other things.


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