AXP Racing release new, easy-to-fit radiator braces to fit current generation Yamaha and Fantic motocross and enduro models (WRF/YZ-F/YZFX and XEF/XXF).

Cut from 4mm thick aluminium plate and weighing just 0.5Kg, AXP’s new radiator braces are a quick and simple “bolt-on” part design to stop the dreaded (and expensive) squashed rads.

Whether it is a low-speed tip-off against the ground, a rock or tree, or a high-speed one when the bike takes more of a battering, having solid radiator braces on can make a huge difference to your ride and your wallet.

AXP say their design, which bolts straight on to existing mounting points, protects your radiators laterally in case of slow falls but also prevents them from “rolling” or being pushed back in case of harder impacts – which can often be the more disastrous one for busting a rad.

Using the existing mounting points of the original Yamaha design (Fantic use the same frame and engine on most models), the braces use a double fixation point at the back and fits around rad hoses and any fitted fan.

The guard is supplied with all necessary hardware for mounting and uses the original lower mount bolt, plus supplies longer bolts for reattaching the radiator scoops/side plastics.


Fantic XXF250/XXF450/XEF250/XEF450

Yamaha WR250F/WR450F/YZ450F & FX/YZ250F & FX

*Although the design hasn’t changed much, the braces will not fit older Yamahas nor the two-stroke models sadly (which have a different frame design). Check with AXP.


Cost: $109/€109/£90.83 Plus shipping


Availability world-wide more information: