The German Hard Enduro Series has been hit harder than most by Coronavirus with MelzExdrähm 2020 the latest event to be cancelled but a new calendar, stretching into Spring 2021, is ready for an October start date.

Although Coronavirus rules have further eased in Saxony, the 2020 Hard Enduro Series Germany (HESG) continues to be affected – the latest event to be cancelled was the opening round at MelzExdrähm 2020, scheduled for September 13.

Series organiser Denis Gunther is disappointed but says he has to respect the club’s decision, “It is a pity Meltewitz is cancelled. The terrain is always something special and also important for the whole extreme enduro sport in Germany.”

Gunther says they already had a plan in place to adapt current rules and tracks to accommodate an event but ultimately it comes down the organising club and their decision was to cancel all events in 2020. 

Six round series from October to May 2021

There are positives to report though and the season is still scheduled to resume in October and continue through May 2021 with six rounds including a new race in Hamma added to the calendar in mid-March 2021.

“When we held the HESG Rideday in Hamma last month (June 2020), we were already talking about a run in spring 2021.” Explains Gunther. “When the cancellation came from Meltewitz, it happened very quickly and we were able to reach an agreement with the MSC Hamma.” An exact date and the schedule is not yet fixed.

First round in Reetz, October

Meanwhile the focus is on the long-awaited start of the 2020 season in Reetz on October 10, 2020. Track work is already being carried out in Brandenburg where events are currently possible with the provision everything still depends on the current Corona situation and the necessary permits.

Current HESG amended calendar:

October 10, 2020 Reetzer HardEnduro

October 24, 2020 Tenneco Extreme Enduro Neuhaus-Schierschnitz

October 31, 2020 Isegrim Enduro Schwepnitz

Mid-March 2021 Hamma HardEnduro

April 17, 2021 Reisersberg HardEnduro

May 2021 Crimmitschau HardEnduro


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Photo Credit: DG Design/Denis Günther + TK420/Toni Keller