Onboard video and podcast rider interviews direct from the 2021 Red Bull Override Hard Enduro in Texas where Mario Roman topped the podium for the second year in a row ahead of Ryder Leblond and Pat Smage.

The 2021 Override is establishing itself as part of the North American Hard Enduro scene, this third running of the event was part of a three-day weekend teamed up with the ‘Texas 4 Fest’ this year to create a off-road festival just outside Austin.

The main racing included a two-hour qualification race and night race on Saturday plus a single hour, main event on Sunday.  

Mario Roman was again dominant in the Pro class, taking his Sherco to the qualifying race win ahead of Ryder Leblond. In the main Sunday race, after a baulk at the first log which held everyone up, Mario again got away and led from start to finish. Ryder Leblond again grabbed second and stuck it on the podium ahead of USA trials champion Pat Smage.

Ride onboard the Override qualification race with Mario…


2021 Red Bull Override results:

  1. Mario Roman
  2. Ryder Leblond
  3. Pat Smage
  4. Quinn Wentzel
  5. Didier Goirand
  6. David Garza
  7. Ryan Sipes
  8. Mitch Carvolth
  9. Shawn O’Leary
  10. Chance Daly
  11. Agus Pascal

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Photo Credit: Andrew Nguyen | WinPic Photography + Red Bull Content Pool