Don’t go telling us old dogs can’t learn new tricks after Graham Jarvis has started an online training course for extreme and hard enduro riders wanting to learn riding techniques from the master – wheelies might be included...

Video tutorials are nothing new and who hasn’t watched a professional rider doing something and tried to emulate them at practice area? How cool would it be to have that pro rider talk you through a tutorial or riding technique while you do it? How cool would it be to have Graham Jarvis at your fingertips to talk you through those techniques and help make you a better rider?

The grand master of extreme enduro has set up an online enduro training lessons for riders who can't get to one of his ‘Jarvis Tours’ training schools or who want to learn in their own time.

Graham is making these videos for anyone on the planet to access for a subscription fee (either monthly or annually). The plan is to update the tutorials each week giving you chance to practice or at least digest one technique before moving onto the next.

Basically you can watch and re-watch the tutorials as and when you are out riding to master those skills. As he says, every day can be a school day.

The idea is to cover everything from the basics like standing position and looking to more advanced techniques so that everyone from a beginner to seasoned rider can work on their riding technique in their own time.

The tutorials cover all the major areas in extreme or hard enduro from the fundamental techniques which matter to any off-road rider to the tips and tricks that help the riders like Graham conquer the impossible.


Cost: after a 30 day free trial, monthly subscriptions start at €7.99 per month or you can sign up for a full year, saving 50% on the monthly subs rate, for €47.95.


Fancy it? Everything Jarvis is on including the new ‘JarvisTV’ online channel.


Photo Credit: Future7Media | Andrea Belluschi