Stark Future unveils software update for the Varg electric off-road motorcycle – new Racing Mode “locks-in” power settings for fair competition with combustion engine bikes in racing.

Stark Future has announced the release of its BETA Racing Mode, a new feature for the Varg off-road model which they say marks a “significant step forward in addressing the challenge of fair competition between electric and combustion bikes in motorcycle racing”.

On paper it look simple: the Racing App function, easily implemented thanks to the pho0ne-like handlebar control unit, is designed to ensure fair competition within 450 or 250 classes in competition. Simply you lock-in a setting which limits power and therefore puts a Varg in 250 or 450 mode.

Stark say the new mode is tested and certified by global federations to enable participation in national series in territories such as the UK, France and Australia.

Racing Mode features:

  • Power Parity: The “locking function” guarantees power parity within rider classes, leveling the playing field between electric and combustion bikes.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Riders can easily select MX1/SX1 or MX2/SX2 classes through a simple interface, with LED indicators providing clear feedback on the chosen mode.
  • Future-Forward Technology: This BETA release offers a sneak peek into Stark Future's soon-to-come, Full Pro-Subscription, promising even more innovative features and advancements in the future of motorcycle racing.

Part of Stark’s shtick

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand for the last year or so, Stark has had mixed success with getting themselves in among the combustion engine bikes in competition.

For the average customer of the Varg it matters little, they’re out there riding on a Sunday like the rest of us – we know because we see the guys out with bikes at practise tracks and on trails.

But it matters to a major manufacturer because racing is promoting, plus it improves the breed as they always say, and competing with combustion engine bikes was part of Stark’s shtick from the start .

The trouble is not all race series were happy to let them join in and though the Varg has raced and won in Arenacross, for example, the FIM’s debacle over not letting Taddy Blazusiak race the SuperEnduro World Championship was a prime example of the confusion and mixed messages about what was perceived to be fair on the track.

Commenting on the release, Sebastien Tortelli, Stark Future’s Race Director, says: “We have worked tirelessly with multiple federations that have embraced electric technology within their national series and who are extremely satisfied with the implementation of our Racing Mode. It lays the foundation for a more inclusive and thrilling future by addressing the challenge of fair competition for riders around the globe.”