We’re all shiny and new again! Enduro21 has been updated and improved, bringing a fresh new look, a wider range of content choices, and quicker and easier access to essential content and features. You’ll find the same trusted, professional news and articles only now wrapped in a clean, practical, modern design…

Coronavirus has unquestionably been the kick-to-the-dick none of us wanted. But rather than letting it grind us to a halt we got grafting and stepped-up our plans for this new site. Taking stock of how we do things, these challenging times have motivated us to push forwards, resulting in a stronger editorial plan and this new site.

Moving forwards our goal is to deliver more quality, timely and enjoyable content. More unique reviews and interviews, more of the good stuff you enjoy.     

Mobile friendly

As more and more of us reach for our phones for our daily news and dirt bike fix, we’ve ensured this new site delivers when it comes to ‘the mobile experience’. While still delivering great desktop performance, we’ve worked hard to categorise content to make it easier to locate. Be it Racing, Bikes, Videos, Features or Products & Reviews, you can now find content more intuitively.

Have your say

Enduro21 now has a forum – somewhere we hope enduro and off-road riders and racers, adventurers and those with questions to ask and bikes to show off will come together. With your help we hope to establish an enduro forum that’s full of positive and constructive comment and opinion.

Check out the Enduro21 forum.

Support what we do

As well as this site being new, we’re also implementing new ways of funding Enduro21, so we can do more. With our many supportive advertisers by our side we’re fortunate to stand on solid foundations, but Internet = Free is something that limits what we can do.

We have plans for a shop, which will help fund upcoming projects, but we’re also asking you, the reader, for support. So, if you like what we do, please consider making a one-time or recurring donation to keep our wheels turning.

Please take a minute to read A new way forward

Enjoy & get in contact

Enjoy the new site. Take a little time to get familiar with it, and let us know what you think…

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